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>Former landlord defends pub at centre of controversy

>The Mill Wheel in Billing Brook: The former landlord of a Northampton pub branded a hotspot for drug-dealing has criticised members of the community for failing to support him in his efforts to transform the venue.

Paramount Investments, which is trying to sell the Mill Wheel pub, in Billing Brook Road, described it as having “a history of violence” and has lowered its leasehold price to only £150,000 to try to attract a new landlord.

But the previous landlord said the Mill Wheel had picked up an unfair reputation as it was situated in a run-down area of Lings where drug dealers were hanging about outside.

Thomas Smyth, who ran the venue for four years, said: “The people who were causing problems were barred from the pub, and I did everything I possibly could to make sure there was no drug dealing or any violence inside. “When we took over the Mill Wheel, we made it perfectly clear it wouldn’t be tolerated.

“The problems were all outside, and we regularly had to call the police to try to get them to do something about it, but they never showed up in time. “There weren’t any police raids in the four years I was there.”We worked really hard to make the pub a great place for the community.

We set up two pool leagues and two football teams, and the pub had a really good atmosphere inside.”But we never had any support from the community or from the brewery, who said they were going to improve the outside but never did.

“Brookside Residents’ Council didn’t want a pub there at all and they have wanted to close it down since day one.”The Chronicle & Echo reported on Thursday that interest in re-opening the venue and restoring it to its previous use had been received by the current agents, but the news was not welcomed by residents or ward councillors.

But Stephen Candeler, the manager of Mill Wheel Football Club, leapt to its defence, and said: “The pub was a brilliant place to go.”I’ve been drinking there since 1989 and there was never any problems inside, it was all down to the gangs who hang around in the car parks, by the shops and by the community centre.”If we’d had more support to clean up the whole area there wouldn’t be an issue, and it’s not fair just to blame the pub.”


>Pubs for Sale In West Yorkshire

>AS one vacant pub re-opens licensed property agents acting for another Huddersfield local say it may never serve beer again.

The Junction Pub on Manchester Road, Crosland Moor, may have a future – but not as a pub.

Estate agents acting for the property say they haven’t received any interest from other landlords and it now looks like the pub will close.

Mark Greig, managing director of London-based licensed property company, Paramount Investments, said: “As no publican or pub company has stepped forward to save The Junction, it may cease to be a pub at all.”

Mr Greig said there had been an increase in the sales of pubs as entrepreneurs, developers and community groups took advantage of rock bottom prices.

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>Closed Down Northampton Pub May Reopen


Fears have been raised that a troubled Northampton pub – which attracted drug dealing and violence before being closed down – will be reopened in the near future.

Regular police raids were carried out at the Mill Wheel pub, in Lumbertubs, before it was finally shut down more than a year ago to the delight of residents.

But now property agent Paramount Investments has said the lowering of the leasehold price to just £150,000 has already started to garner interest from landlords, who may soon buy it and restore the building to its former use.

Brookside Residents’ Council, which covers the site in Billing Brook Road, has carried out surveys in the area which found that most of the residents would like to see the building used as a community centre.

Secretary Margaret Pritchard said: “I know the residents were very happy when the place finally closed down, and we were hoping it would stay that way.

“The pub has a very long history of problems. It just seemed to attract drug dealers and other unsavoury types when it was open, and the police were always there.

“If it was to reopen, we would rather it be turned into a family pub where you would go for a meal, and not the same type of place it used to be. Ideally, we would like to be able to use it as a community facility.

“But the building is not in a good state of repair, and a lot of money would need to be spent on it to turn it into a nice place to visit.”

New efforts to find a buyer for the property have not been met with enthusiasm by residents. Mrs Pritchard added: “The place created an atmosphere of fear, because there were always people hanging around outside it and causing trouble.

“People were too frightened to walk down to the shops when it was open. We don’t want to see it go back to that.”

Managing director of Paramount Investments, Mark Greig, said the property could be one of a growing number of former pubs which are being sold on to entrepreneurs wanting to take advantage of “rock bottom” prices.

He said: “We are trying to find a publican to buy the lease. But if no publican or pub company steps forward to save the Mill Wheel, it may cease to be a pub at all.”

Councillor Lee Mason (Labour, Lumbertubs), whose ward includes the Mill Wheel pub site, added: “This would not be the ideal solution for residents, because the pub caused a lot of problems.

“One of the owners did try to tidy it up a bit but it’s in a bad state of repair now.”